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GVS started as a one man company as a complementary profession. From a hobby and a great interest a first machine was purchased to carry out minor works. After a good year, however, this hobby had grown out of hand, and mouth-to-mouth publicity let the business thrive. By then the workshop of GVS had become too small.

On July 1st 2004, GVS was converted in the enterprise GVS BVBA and immediately started on a new location, Ambachtenlaan 26, 8870 Izegem. With the new space the number of machines expanded and investments relating to a diversity of machines could take place in order to complete more complex assignments and perform a greater range of turning and milling. Year after year the machines were renewed and invested to offer a total package as complete as possible to our customers. And thus, we were once again short on space.

In 2012, the workshop area was doubled, so that our machines could be rearranged according to ability and processing. However, over the years the milling was also extended to surface grinding and wire erosion. Day after day, we strive to deliver high-quality finished products. They are always crafted with the utmost care, precision and craftsmanship. And, if necessary, executed in full discretion.

Through our years of experience, we are able to perfectly realize the designs of our customers. Thanks to our professional and flexible software TopSolid we can open drawings from customers, updating where necessary, and immediately start the realization one of our machines. Drawings can be sent in different file formats such as DXF, DWG, IGES, STEP, ....

If you have any questions in addition to the information on our site or you would like a free offer without obligation ? Please do not hesitate to contact us .